Privacy Policy

What Does This Privacy Policy Cover?

This is a plain English, easy to read privacy policy that describes openly and transparently the way we, Edwards Engineering Software Systems (2E2S) and our parent company The Edwards Group Research & Development Pty Ltd (TEG), handle your personal information.

We know you care about how your information is gathered and used. We want to assure you we will do so carefully and sensibly. By visiting our website and purchasing our products, you indicate you accept our practices as described in this Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy will cover how we gather information, what kind of information is collected, what we do with it, how we store it, and how we respect your wishes with regards to this information.

What Kind of Personal Information Is Gathered and Why?

In order to accept your purchase, provide your products and send you your registration information, we need to keep records of some limited kinds of personal information. These include such details as names, email addresses, telephone numbers and postal addresses.

Personal details are primarily contained in "Notification of Payment Received" emails that are sent by our payment processor, PayPal and by the Google Play Store.

We do not request or store any financial information on our website such as credit card numbers. PayPal and Google Play receive payments on our behalf and may store those details, but only if you have given them this permission previously. They do not send us this financial information and we do not have any need for such details.

Please note that you may be sent to PayPal or Google Play via a button or link on our website, such as to download an app or make a payment. We have no control over these websites so please consult their respective privacy policies if you wish to understand their respective privacy practices.

How Do We Use Any Personal Information?

We will only use personal contact information (primarily names and email addresses) to deliver product registration keys, provide support and notify you of any updates you are entitled to as part of your purchase.

At times we may also send out a newsletter to registered customers to provide news, tips and upcoming products that may be of interest. You can opt out of these communications at any time by responding to the email message with the word "REMOVE" as a reply.

How Do We Store Personal Information?

Any personal information of the kind outlined above is stored in a password-protected encrypted database and is only accessible to authorised 2E2S or TEG personnel. We do not use any third-party provider to store this information. By regularly monitoring and auditing the database we take every precaution to ensure this information is kept safe. We will only access your personal information when necessary as part of providing the kinds of services and support outlined in the previous section.

Do We Ever Disclose Any Personal Information?

We will never share your personal contact details with anyone outside authorised 2E2S or TEG personnel, nor do we give away, sell or otherwise profit by passing this information to any third party. The same would apply to non-personal information mentioned in the next section.

The only exception to our firm non-disclosure policy would be if required to do so by Australian law, government or law-enforcement authorities. The same would apply if required to do so by international law.

Is Other Non-Personal Information Gathered?

Other information that we collect, but is not of a personal nature, involves web access records that are typically logged by most websites. This includes such generic details as IP addresses, cookies, web pages accessed and files downloaded. This anonymous information is used in the context of monitoring the performance of the website, keeping track of the number of visitors and to help us improve the user experience.

We may also share this kind of information with third-party security services to prevent hacking, unauthorised registration key distribution or other illegal activity such as attempts to take this site offline.

What Are Your Rights and Choices?

Any personal information we have in our records belongs to you and you have the right to ask what information we hold, make corrections and if you wish, have this information deleted from our records.

If you prefer us not keep a record of your personal information you can request this via our support email (see below) and after we confirm your identity we will delete the information. Please keep in mind that in such cases you will need to keep a personal, restorable backup of registration keys and we may not be able to replace them for free if you are affected by data loss or hard drive failure.

Do You Have A Complaint?

We take your online privacy seriously. If you wish to make a complaint regarding our handling of privacy information please contact us via our support email (see below).

How Can You Get In Touch?

If you would like more information, or have any questions regarding our privacy policy that is not answered above, please contact us via any of the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 49, Innisfail QLD 4860, Australia
  • Phone: +61740618276


Need Help?

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