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We provide products and services across both the software and hardware sectors.

We strive to value add to all our products using innovation and practical thinking.


  • Development

    Software and hardware development requires a clear understanding of the clients needs and objectives. 2E2S is customer relationship based, which directs in meeting our clients needs through innovation and practical thinking.

  • Customisation

    2E2S – is able to customize software and hardware products that specifically address customer needs. We are happy to co-ordinate with in house personnel to ensure that product delivery is customer specific when required.

  • Installation

    Installation is often considered to be towards the final stages of delivery, however it needs to be thought about from the initial stages of planning. 2E2S through developing relations with our clients enable us to ensure that our installations account for our customer's needs.

  • Repair

    2E2S can provide repair solutions for customer products, to achieve reliability levels required by customers.

  • Service

    Service of computer peripherals. The term Service to 2E2S is the process by which we meet our clients expectations. "The relationship continues on after the delivery".

Projects & Case Studies


TEAMS is a total asset management system that enable asset location using GPS and marks the location on map and satellite image. You can rate your assets current condition and the risks that they pose with a customizable risk matrix, as well as recommend remedial action where required with photographic evidence. Any asset can have a number of audits eliminating the need to repeatedly insert asset information. All of this data can be transferred to your desktop computer or server using the TEAMS Sync software so that historical records may be kept.

TEAMS Desktop allows you to view and edit your Asset Audit data as well as generate standard and customized reports which includes all photos and location data in both Excel and Word. This process keeps your data safe and organized but most importantly, it saves you huge amounts of time.

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A holistic device capable of effectively measuring both the overwater speed of racing boats as well as the revolution-count of the motor and subsequently capturing data within a standard CSV file. In particular, this device was to be developed as a means of measuring the performance of the propellers used on marine craft.

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About Us

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide advanced engineering software to assist industry throughout the life cycle of any product at a sustainable price.

  • Vision Statement

    We aim to incorporate complex models and calculations through a user friendly interface that generates appealing and seamless reports to save the user both time and money while improving the design experience.

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    Stephen Edwards

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